Rivers of Light – Undiscovered beauty or waste of time?

IllumiNations copy cat or a new masterpiece?

Rivers of Light, the confusion of what the storyline is moving through all of us as we watch it. It was beautiful but boring. It’s something I would watch every ten trips. To be completely honest they need to do a show like World of Color. They could call it World of Color – Adventures in the Animal Kingdom. The story could open as it does at DCA and then it could go, instead of to the Little Mermaid, to the Lion King or any movie with animals in it but show a message like Rivers of Light does. I think that the problem with Rivers of Light is it is absolutely just like IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth. I mean the finale says “We Are One” instead of “We Go On”. Disney, way to go for being original. If you cannot make it through the none firework portion of IllumiNations then you should not go and see Rivers of Light. I would definitely not recommend it to small children or anyone under 10. It is hard to comprehend but in the end, the music is pretty and so is the show but everything else is not that great.