A Tribute to the American Adventure

Since 1982, Epcot (or EPCOT Center) has been serving its guests with a patriotic tribute to our great country, America.

As we celebrate Independence Day this week, I decided to write a post about the patriotic attractions created by the Disney Company. Now sure, there is The Hall of Presidents, America Sings, and Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln, but this attraction pays a special tribute to America and its people.

Rotunda at American Adventure pavilion

When you enter the pavilion and see the rotunda, you can see paintings of America and its landscapes. The walls are filled with famous American quotes from famous American’s who represent our ideals. The rotunda also serves as a pre-show area where you can listen to the Voices of Liberty, the oldest live entertainment at Epcot. The a capela group sings patriotic songs as well as a few Disney songs and maybe event the theme song to the attraction, “Golden Dream”.

Voices of Liberty at American Adventure, Epcot.

Once the Voices of Liberty have concluded their show in the rotunda, you move to a hallway of escalators, which has every flag that the United States has flown. You move to the second floor of the rotunda and look out to see the beautiful floors of the pavilion.

The Liberty Theater at the American Adventure Pavilion (Epcot).

Once you enter the theater, you will notice 12 statues (6 statues on each side) that represent ideals of American’s such as adventure, compassion, discovery, freedom, heritage, independence, individualism, innovations, knowledge, pioneering, self-reliance, and tomorrow.

Benjamin Franklin (left) and Mark Twain (right) audio-animatronics as featured in the final scene of the American Adventure show at Epcot.

While you are watching this presentation, you will see two notable figures as our hosts, Benjamin Franklin and Mark Twain.

The songs that are featured in the 28 minute presentation of our history include, but are not limited to: “New World Bound”, “In the Days of ’76”, “Two Brothers”, “Brother, Can You Spare a Dime?”, and “Golden Dream”, the title theme song of the pavilion.

One of the most notable parts about the show is the ending scene that shows most every part of our nation’s history. The original attraction theme song “Golden Dream” serves as the background to the showcase of our nation’s history. Below is the video clip of this scene and I recommend watching this if you are not planning on visiting the show anytime soon.

Golden Dream Scene, Epcot’s American Adventure
(Source: WDW News Today)

Over all, this show has seen a few minor changes. In 1993, in a phase where Epcot was trying to draw new attendance to the park, the animatronics were updated and a new version of the theme song was released. In 2007, the “Golden Dream” sequence was extended by 45-seconds to add footage of 9/11 (from the NYPD and NYFD). The montage was changed in 2018 again with a new song and a few new scenes.

All in all, the show is a good show to see every once in a while and to be honest, I would love to see new narrators and a new storyline while keeping the “Golden Dream” montage stay in the show. It probably will not happen anytime soon, because this show is CLASSIC to all Disney and Epcot fans, but I wish to see some new things.

This show is very visually stunning and gives a new spin to American history, so if you have never seen it before, try it. And if you saw it and didn’t like it (like me), try it again, Give it another chance.

Happy Independence Day and Happy Birthday America!

Please stay posted for new posts coming soon! I will try my best to get new posts out and posted. Hope to see you “real” soon!

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