What should the next gate at Walt Disney World be?

As many people are awaiting the next D23 event, everyone is wondering, are they going to announce a new park (gate) coming soon to the Walt Disney World Resort. My answer is that they will announce it in 2021 at the D23 Expo then. The reason I say that is all major refurbishments and creations will be over by then and that is the year of the 50th anniversary of the resort. So with saying that, and collecting different ideas from across the internet, here is my list of likely and unlikely new parks coming to the resort within the next 20 years.

This park concept was used to build a park in Tokyo. Construction started in 1999 and it opened up to guests in 2001. The park, in a way, tells the tale of World Showcase in a way of talking about their ports. That is what I find the issue with if we receive this park. The different ports take you on an adventure around the different environments, cultures, and yes, nations. It doesn’t show their way of life, like World Showcase (at Epcot) but instead, it shows their geography and tells fables from their land through attractions. The theming is immaculate compared to parts of Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Magic, Kingdom, and Epcot. This park is called the best Disney park by many and, to be honest, I would agree. I would change a few things throughout the park (small things) to import this Japanese park into American culture. The park would need a nighttime show since its nighttime show is Fantasmic! and it is showing at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. I was thinking they could do a Port California and do a Paradise Pier vibe with the Disneyland fan favorite, World of Color. This would be the most realistic idea for a fifth gate since it is already developed and I would concur that this is my choice.

Disney’s DARK Kingdom
Right off of the bat, I can say this will not happen because it is not friendly to all of the family. Disney tried this before at DCA when it opened and we all saw what happened. If it died happen, they should do a light side as it opens and then it gets darker and darker. All attractions wouldn’t have to be scary but attractions like Snow White’s Scary Adventures could return and maybe some of the archived characters in a character graveyard. Disney fans have speculated this park and I disagree with the parks idea. If it happened, it would be a great addition to the Magic Kingdom through the Enchanted Forest.

Disney’s America
This park was originally planned for a plot of land a little south of Washington DC in Virginia but everyone in Virginia threw a fit (sigh) so they didn’t build it. It was based on American history and architecture. It even had a boardwalk (World of Color, please?) and it had a lot of amazing ideas that were great for the area and would be great to Walt Disney World. I think that an in-park hotel would be absolutely amazing for DVC and the regular Disney guests and an improved American Adventure show would be awesome. This park could be a possibility since most of the Imagineering has already been done.

My idea is that they build a park called Disney Adventure which will be a park based on Disney films. Disney’s Hollywood Studios is running out of room for film-based lands and the existing park keeps getting enclosed with great theming but not themed to the original idea of DHS. They should take the ideas from DHS, DisneySea, and DCA and build a park based on different Disney adventures. Instead of a land being themed to a certain movie, they can be themed to ideas from each of the movies. Marvel land could be Marvel Adventures. Different adventures that characters have, and new characters have, can set a tone for what should be in this park.

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