Delerium – A Book Worth Reading

Based off of the William Shakespeare classic, Romeo and Juliet, Delerium is an amazing literary work about a girl named Lena who lives in a not-so-realistic future of the United States where love is banned. In this future, you have to be paired with your future spouse so you’ll be inspected to see who your matches are. After you find a match, and graduate high school, in this society you will be given a “cure” that will promise you emotional stability.

This book is a masterpiece. Lauren Oliver, the author, has really outdone the emotional connections with the adjectives and the feeling of emotion. You can really feel the what Lena feels in every ounce. When Lena goes in for her inspection, a herd of cows (weird) break in and ruin her interview. She hides in a corner and looks at the observation balcony and sees Alex, the golden-brown headed boy who was her love at first sight. She had completely messed up her interview anyway. She was supposed to say her favorite color was blue or green, normal colors, but she said the gray-the color of the sunrise.

She and her friend Hana were tunning and found the back parking lot entrance of the labs and they break into the parking lot. They’re in the security booth they find a golden-brown headed boy. Alex initially lied to her and told her he wasn’t present in her interview but when she and Hana are about to leave him he whispers on the back of her neck gray. She shivers but gets pulled away by Hana.

In a few weeks, she finds him at a party, after government-mandated curfew, and they immediately hit it off and they fall in love.

So many plot twists and reveals throughout the book make the reader die of happiness and yet pain. Lena finds that she was lied to. She finds out that her mother who was contaminated with deleria, the disease of love, was not actually a disease. She feels betrayed and wants to run away from the government with Alex and in the finale of the book her and Alex are in a high-speed chase and a simplistic and beautiful but yet sorrowful ending make this book amazing.

Lauren Oliver wrote a masterpiece with this book and if you do not mind mild swearing, this book is completely amazing.

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